What devices does Globespinning run on?

You can use Globespinning on your iOS device: iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

How much does it cost?

Globespinning is free to download on the app store.

How do I turn off notifications?

To turn off Notifications, just open your iPhone Settings and go to Notifications and select Globespinning. There you can control all of your notifications for Globespinning.

How do I invite my friends to check out Globespinning?

From the “More” menu you can tap “Invite Friends.” This will allow you to search and select your friends from Facebook and invite them.

How do I share my itineraries with my friends?

Underneath each itinerary on the Discovery feed and Profile pages you can tap the three dots (…) to select share. From here you can share your itinerary with your friends via text, email, twitter, or Facebook. If your friend is already on Globespinning this will share a link for your friend to open up your itinerary within the app. If you friend is not on Globespinning it will take your friend to our website where they can signup for the app so they can view your itinerary.

How do I save an itinerary that I like?

On the Discover tab you can tap “Save” underneath each itinerary. You can also visit a friends profile to view all of their itineraries and tap “Save” underneath each itinerary. You will find all of your “Saved” itineraries on the Saved tab.

Once I’ve saved an itinerary how can I use that itinerary to plan my trip?

To plan your friend’s exact trip you can open your Saved itinerary from the Save tab. At the top of your selected itinerary tap “Plan This Trip” to begin creating this exact trip. You can still add and delete activities to this itinerary.

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Another way to use a saved itinerary is to create a “New Trip” from scratch from the Plan tab.  After you enter your dates you can tap the plus next to each date to begin creating activities.  On the “Add activity” page you can select the green save icon that will allow you to access your saved itineraries where you can import a full itinerary or selected activities from your friends itinerary.

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When planning a trip from the Save tab do I have to plan the exact number of days as my friend’s trip?

Yes, you are required to either enter the same amount of days as your friend’s trip or extend the trip to make it longer.


To plan a shorter version of your friend’s trip you will have to first create a trip with at least the same amount of days as your friends. Once the trip has been created you can drag activities from the days you would like to delete to the days you would like to keep. You can also delete any activities you would like to get rid of.  Once the days that you would like to delete are empty, you can go to the information tab on the top right corner of your itinerary and tap edit and shorten your travel dates.

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How do I delete an activity in my itinerary?

When you swipe left over an activity a red circle will appear next to that activity. Tap this red circle and the word Delete will appear on the right. Tap Delete and this activity will be removed from your itinerary.

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Can I add something to my itinerary that I stumble upon after I have started my trip?

Yes, just tap the plus button to add an activity to your itinerary.  Select Edit to access the drag handler to move your new activity where you want it.

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How do I edit my travel dates?

Tap the information icon from the top right side of the screen. Once inside the information tab tap Edit on the top right corner to begin changing your dates. When finished select Save.

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Other questions or suggestions?

We’d love to hear from you! Contact us at info@globespinning.com