We’re the travel app that lets you easily create itineraries from pictures you’ve already taken on your iPhone and share them with friends and family.  It’s so easy!

Globespinning was created by two sisters that love to travel. One sister falls into a special category we like to call the “super planner.” You know her type.  She loves to research and dig into the details of her trip.  She’ll know where she’s going and how she’s getting there. She knows where she’ll stay, and what she’ll do there… to the hour. She’s going to check out all of the options before she finalizes her plan. Most of us know someone like this, right?
And the other sister… well, she mostly just packs a bag and goes. She’ll ask her detailed sister for HER itinerary before hitting the road, but her planning philosophy is a little more spontaneous. I bet we all know someone who likes to travel like this too.

Do you see yourself in either one of these traveling personas? When you are the “super planner” you are often asked for your itineraries from your friends and family when they’re planning their trips…because your trips are so good, right? The rest of us love to travel.  But we may not have the time or desire to do the planning. We don’t mind asking someone else for their itineraries though. That, in a nutshell is the Globespinning universe.

Let’s talk about sharing trips.  Before Globespinning you didn’t have an easy way to share a beautiful visual itinerary, regardless of who was asking. You’d write an email, hand over an Excel spreadsheet or maybe post some pictures on social media. With Globespinning you can quickly turn your iPhone photos from your camera roll into a useful picturesque itinerary that is easy to share. It will be full of helpful details including a daily view of what you did, a map view showing how much ground you covered each day, contact info for activities and restaurants, and helpful notes to share with your friends.  You get all of that with just the click of a button. We think it’s pretty slick and we think you will too. All of the trips you create and share will also show up on your personal profile making a nice journal for you to remember the details of your trips for years to come.

Simply put, Globespinning is for ALL types of travelers. So go ahead, ask ANY of us for our trip details.  We’ve got itineraries right here in the palms of our hands. We even have a Discover feed where you can search and discover all of the itineraries on Globespinning to help inspire your next trip.  Just SAVE the trips you like and when you are ready to travel to that destination you can easily use any itinerary you have saved to help plan your trip.

On a final note, we’ll be using our Globespinning blog to teach you how to use our app, share interviews with featured globespinners like yourselves, and to throw some light on some of the best itineraries we’re seeing published. We look forward to growing the Globespinning community and discovering your amazing trips!

Happy Globespinning!