It’s official. Globespinning is live! Do a quick App store search for Globespinning and there it is…Itineraries from Trusted Travelers. We couldn’t be happier. And we hope that you, our traveling friends, are happy too.

We’ve had a great launch. Hundreds of users have downloaded Globespinning. The rankings are good, and the social chatter is upbeat. People LOVE to travel…and they love to ask others for their itineraries. You’re welcome. 🙂

So many people are creating and sharing past trips. That’s one of our best features after all. How many pictures of past trips do you have in your photo stream? I bet there’s more than one. I have half a dozen or so. So what are you waiting for? Share them!

Here are a few of our most recent favorites:
Landry C – New York, New York
Jodi S – Lake Wenatchee, Washington
Daniel R (Me) – Spinning Waimea, Hawaii

Articles are being written too. Check out this one published in GeekWire – App of the Week. It talks all about the app and our founders. The author gives the app a good test. It’s a quick read and a good reminder of why we’re here.

We’re off to a great start. Stick with us globespinners. Check in and take a minute to dream as you check out the newest trips in the Discover feed. Take three minutes and post that long weekend trip for the rest of us. And as always, happy globespinning!