Globespinning is in the news! Did you see the article? We were featured as the “App of the Week” in the tech news website GeekWire.

We listened to friends and travelers everywhere who were tired of trying to share what they did on their trips through email or Facebook. THIS is why Globespinning exists. We do this for you, better than anyone else, and it’s SOOO quick and easy. We just need the world to know about. So it’s great to have a sites like GeekWire checking us out.

We’re going to keep on keeping on. Adding features, and making your Globespinning experience smooth and oh-so-delightful. We do want to hear from you. Reach out and let us know what you like and what you’d like us to change. We built this for you after all. Our email is

So build a trip or two. I’m sure that you have a photos of places you’ve been on your phone, right? Choose a trip, upload the pictures, and for goodness sake, SHARE IT WITH YOUR PALS! We want everyone signed up and sharing trips.

Spin it and Pin it amigos!