Globespinners –

It has been said that August is the “Sunday” of summer…in the northern hemisphere at least. It’s the lazy, hazy month. The one meant for basking in the sun, and splitting your time between drinking fruity drinks with little umbrellas and taking naps.

There are some among us, however, that spend their time adventuring. We’re excited to share an interview with one such adventurer this week. Allow us to introduce you to Arghya Das, the Globespinner of the week!

We had questions, and here’s what he had to say:

GS: Can you share with us a little bit about yourself and your favorite destination?

AD: I live in San Jose, California and work as a Software Engineering Manager at Google. My favorite holiday destination is London, UK.

GS: You posted a great itinerary of your trip to San Juan, Puerto Rico. What were your favorite parts of that trip?

AD: I loved the rich history of Spanish colonial buildings and forts – Del Morro and San Cristobal forts with their amazing ocean views were simply great. The night kayak at Fajardo bioluminescent bay was the biggest highlight.

GS: What is one tip you would give someone planning this trip?

AD: Stay close to Old San Juan which provides easy access to forts, museums and other landmarks like old town, art galleries, restaurants etc. Don’t miss the tropical rain forest experience at El Yunque or the bioluminescent bay tours at Fajardo or other nearby bays.

GS: What is the one item you never leave home without when packing for your trip?

AD: My iPhone. It acts as my digital planner, navigation system and camera. (Air fist bump by the GS team…)

GS:  What trip are you planning next?

AD: We are planning a road trip to Crater Lake, Oregon during the Labor Day weekend in September.

Well said Arghya. Thanks for talking with us!

This guy knows how to travel folks! You can check out many more itineraries from Arghya on Globespinning. Don’t forget to follow him.

One request Globespinners – if anyone has a few pictures on your phone from a past Crater Lake trip, do Arghya a solid and post your trip. He DID give you the skinny on San Juan after all! Keep on spinning!